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Our cheap calories come at a steep price. With the population growth there is an increasing number of mouths to feed. Still, food production is already the primary contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, loss of species, and soil degradation. The equation doesn’t add up, but it’s solvable. 

Bold entrepreneurs with transformative innovations have started the redesign of our food system into a biodiverse carbon sink feeding the billions with nutritious food. The outcome is resilience, regeneration, and abundance. We invest in category defining companies driving the reformation of the global food system.

We are a for-profit, pro-earth investment firm that pushes systematic change through green financing.

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Our investment themes build upon the work of Stockholm Resilience Center and EAT-Lancet, and the required shifts they’ve identified to bring the global economy back to a safe operating space. Our portfolio companies are producing more with less, repurposing waste, replacing linearity with circularity, regenerating soil, and enabling access to nutritious food for everyone.

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