impact investing

We invest in people who have developed and are expanding solutions to reverse the food system’s pressure on our planetary boundaries while ensuring an ethical foundation for everyone. We believe that only companies with profitable business models can be sustainable.
We believe in paradigm shifts, not makeshift solutions

By applying systems thinking, we invest in solutions addressing the underlying problems of the food system as opposed to its symptoms.

We believe that innovative entrepreneurs backed by risk-tolerant investors will drive the food system reformation. Consumers, regulators, and chefs will all play important roles.

Read Food is Solvable to understand the science behind our investment principle.

The four shifts to one prosperous food system
Sustainable supply chains
Revalorize resources in shorter and circular supply chains that minimize lost nutrients, material, and energy.
Sustainable proteins and fats
Rethink where delicious,  economically scalable, and resource-efficient food comes from.
Healthy diets
Revitalize health with improved and personalized diets that prevent disease.
Healthy soil
Redesign farming techniques to improve our soil's capacity, health, and productivity.

We partner with entrepreneurs creating the regenerative era

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We offer funding and strategic support to companies solving the most pressing issues of our food system.

We seek early growth companies with product-market fit that are addressing root cause problems rather than providing symptom relief.

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